Fluorite guarantees its products made of the best gold-coated silver along with its input materials, including zircon and gem stones, which are purchased from Fluorite-approved sales outlets and are of high quality and free from defects in materials and manufacturing, and this guarantee is provided for one year.

This warranty is an addition to your legal rights and does not affect them.

What does the warranty include?

This guarantee includes manufacturing defects such as polishing defects, bubbles and impurities, incorrect positioning of parts or discoloration of the product.

This warranty does NOT include:

– Damage to products as a result of misuse, neglect after purchase, accidental damage, modification and attempting to repair, wear and tear and being affected by surrounding materials over time, or failure to follow the product care tips available on the website.

– Products that have NOT been purchased from Fluorite authorized outlets, the Fluorite boutique, or Fluorite website.

In case of demanding this warranty:

A purchase receipt, gift receipt, or warranty certificate from Fluorite or a Fluorite authorized seller, is considered proof of purchase of the product; The receipt or warranty certificate must be retained by all product owners in case they have any claim under warranty.

The products covered by the warranty will be repaired if possible or replaced without imposing fees for components and manufacturing, if it is proved that the part is defective in materials or manufacturing and under normal use.

For each product found to be defective under this warranty, Fluorite or the authorized seller can be replaced with a similar piece, and if your piece is not available, it will be replaced with a similar piece of equal value or the difference will be paid if it is at a higher price only.

The warranty for the replacement part expires after one year from the date it was received.

To replace a defective Fluorite product, you must visit the nearest Fluorite boutique or contact customer service via the website.

Return and exchange policy:

These conditions set below apply only to orders made from this website and are as follows:

-You can return the products that are not of satisfactory quality or contrary to the description shown on the site, but they must be in their original condition upon receipt with all their accessories, by informing our customer service via one of the numbers or e-mails shown on the contact us page on the site, this must be done within 24 hours of receiving date.

-Please note that a full refund will be given along with the shipping fees, in case there is one of the reasons shown above.

-If you do not want the product or want to replace it with another product, you can also inform the customer service within 24 hours from the date of receipt, in this case the customer will be responsible for any additional shipping costs.

-Please note that the period of return or exchange is up to 10 working days.

-Refunds will be made after confirming receiving the product.

-The customer has the right to cancel any order, but it must be done before its confirmation from the customer service, otherwise the shipping value will be deducted.